This is Africities 2018

The 8th edition of the much anticipated, annual Pan-African event will be held from November 20th -24th in Marrakesh, Morocco. As in previous years, Africities anticipates a large attendance, with over 5000 prospective participants expected in Marrakesh from across the regions in Africa to help shape, ‘The Africa We Want.’

The 2018 Summit, organized under the theme, ‘The transition to sustainable cities and territories: The role of local and subnational governments of Africa,’ is a special event that mobilizes communities and local authorities in African countries, bringing together their financial institutions, civil society groups and development partners with the sole purpose to empower African communities to achieve greater self-determination, address issues of poverty and inequality and achieve a new vision of urban development; a vision as outlined in the African Union’s 2063 Vision of Africa, that will respond to the needs and challenges facing its citizens now and in the near future.

And what of the future? One of the greatest challenges facing the continent is that of a growing population, anticipated to reach 2 billon people by 2050, accompanied by a growing youth population that is expected to outnumber that of any other continent on the planet.  These are new challenges, and solutions take time, cooperation and collaboration.  The Africities Summit is in the vanguard of addressing these difficult questions and finding solutions.

This year, Africities takes to its heart the issue of youth.  How will Africa manage the growth of this population who are marginalized and have expressed their discontent, but who are the ultimate solutions to Africa’s problems and challenges – and this, in the context of rapid urbanization, with the complexity of problems brought about by any mode or period of change.  Africities recognizes the urgency with which young people must be engaged to participate in the process of change, rather than be defined as a problem and will be creating a special vehicle, The Youth Forum, as a platform from which young people can envision and share their vision of an Africa in which youth are firmly at the centre and not at the margins.

The Summit will invite stakeholders from across the continent; partners from other regions of the world; ministers in charge of local governments; ministers in charge of housing and urban development; ministers of public service; local authorities and local elected officials; officials of local and central administrations; civil society organizations, associations and trade unions; economic operators of the public and private sectors as well as of the social/ solidarity economy; traditional rulers; researchers and academics; and international cooperation agencies, to pursue two major objectives:

  • To define appropriate shared strategies in order to improve the living conditions of people at the local level
  • To contribute to the integration, peace and unity of Africa starting from the grassroots.

Registration is required to attend the Summit, which will host more than 150 sessions and events organized as Political Sessions; Sessions on the transition; Local strategies and policies sessions; Stakeholder sessions; Open sessions and exceptional events.  Open sessions will include themes on women’s economic empowerment, localizing SDGs, decentralized cooperation, migration, UCLGA projects and activities and special side events.

To see the detailed program of sessions, visit:

As well as the Summit, there will be an Africities Exhibition hosting 400-500 exhibitors. Registration will be required for all exhibitors. For details and to register visit:

Welcome to the most important democratic gathering in Africa.