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EVT 5 - Empowerment of Women: 1st Festival of entrepreneurship of Women of Africa

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: REFELA Stand







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The 1st edition of the African Women's Entrepreneurship Festival, co-organised by REFELA and its partners and supported by UCLG Africa and national associations of local and regional authorities in African countries, is one of the strategic actions planned as part of the action plan that prepares and launches the campaign on "African cities that promote women's leadership and economic empowerment". Common wisdom teaches us that "economically self-sufficient women with decent incomes are among the best components for ensuring sustainable improvement in the living conditions of the majority of families and society as a whole in Africa". This is why REFELA members give the highest priority in their actions to contributions to the political and economic empowerment of women. While noting that UCLG Africa's REFELA is in line with the implementation of Africa's vision 2063 and the International Agendas for the economic empowerment of women, being one of the main pillars of gender equality and women's empowerment, with the renewal of girls' education, focusing on developing their leadership in all areas of development, including economic development, as the engine of societal change in Africa. This 1st festival is an event that will take place at the Salon d'Africités 8, and is the most emblematic of this Summit. It will be an appropriate opportunity for women entrepreneurs to speak out and offer them the opportunity to be at the forefront of the scene, in order to discuss the urgent problems and obstacles that this profile of African women faces at the level of the countries they represent and to seize the opportunities that are available to them and that they will share, in particular, to call on women and men mayors of cities and local authorities for their unconditional support to women's businesses and their incorporation into local affairs, in order to influence future prospects for the development of women's entrepreneurial leadership and the promotion of gender equality in this sector of the economy, which is important for the local and sustainable development of the continent. Information will be provided by REFELA on its Excellence Awards programme, to reward cities, towns and local and sub-national communities that participate in the campaign and make an outstanding contribution to women's economic empowerment and in this sense to give more visibility to their concrete commitment to more gender equality in their local economy. This first festival will include a session to present African women's best business practices, discuss challenges, discuss the changing roles of women, provide an overview of the evolving dynamics in Africa's economic and social fields and provide solutions for businesswomen. It aims to boost the networks of private companies of African businesswomen and companies and to promote the implementation of private-private and public-private alliances. It is also a flagship event to provide information to take women out of this approach of micro-projects, micro-credits, for micro economic activities, known as "income-generating activities", to believe in their abilities to undertake and to offer them the opportunities to move towards entrepreneurship, to encourage them by setting up positive discrimination measures, so that they can access local business markets on an equal basis with men.




14 :30 -15 :00 – Opening speeches:

  1. Presentation of the objectives and conduct of the Festival
  2. Opening remarks, Ms. Vice President of REFELA of the Northern Region


15 :00 -16 :00 – Panel on:

  1. Presentation of women entrepreneurs in Morocco-Afem
  2. Presentation Experience of women’s cooperatives in Togo
  3. Presentation: NHRIs and women’s socio-economic empowerment
  4. Testimony: Practical experience of a Cooperative supported by the NHRI
  5. Presentation of the Analytical Report on the Economic Empowerment of Women in Africa, the Campaign#, in brief and the draft recommendations


16 :00 – 16 :30 – Plenary discussion session and formulation and adoption of recommendations for political dialogue


16 :30 -17 :30 – The launch of the “Campaign of African Cities Promoting Women’s Leadership and Economic Empowerment” under the” Together, Let’s Act for the Economic Empowerment of Women in Africa, to 2030“, will take place through :

  1. Visits to the Sand of the REFELA-REFELA-Country, the Pavilion of Morocco and other African countries and other continents
  2. A Walk to the exhibition, with the girls and young men targeted by the training organized by UN-Habitat


Parallel Sessions