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SDA 13 - Mobilizing the diaspora to achieve sustainable cities

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Agadir


African Diaspora Network In Europe



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The African Diaspora is recognized by the African Union’s Charter as the 6th Region of Africa. There are nearly 350 millions of African Diaspora around the world. Mobilizing the Diaspora to contribute in the development of the African cities and local communities is essential to faster the transition towards sustainable and Smart cities. The role played by the diaspora in driving change and boosting the development of local communities is widely recognized. Diaspora financing for development (Diaspora remittances) has surpassed the traditional official aid with remittances of US$60 billion annually. They are an important source funding for health care, housing, education, and businesses in Africa where they help to reduce poverty and provide working capital. Besides Remittances, the Diaspora have a huge potential for Innovation; Skills and Technology Transfer. In many African countries, Diaspora Entrepreneurs are developing innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of populations. Many mobile applications (Apps) developed by Africans in the diaspora help improve the standard of living in Africa by bringing public services (health, education, energy, transport) closer to citizens and facilitating the flow of remittances. The session on Diaspora at AFRICITIES will discuss about how remittances can be channelled towards investments fostering sustainable development at a local level. The session is also an opportunity to showcase best practices about solutions that can accelerate the transition towards smart cities, manufacturing and industrialisation, job creation mainly for the Youth and Women, etc. The Panel discussion at this session will bring together the African Diaspora Experts from worldwide, African Mayors and Representatives of African, European and International Institutions mainly African Union, the African Development Bank European Commission and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.     This session aims to:
  1. Provide a platform for experience sharing, networking and benchmarking to enable concrete suggestions on how to put Diaspora at the service of sustainable development, affordability and economic growth of Cities in Africa by fostering innovation, job creation and entrepreneurship;
  2. Initiate synergies between the Diaspora and representatives of Local Authorities in Africa.




The thematic session will comprise of three panel discussions, debates and exchange with audiences and resolutions and recommendations.

  1. Panel 1: Key discussion on diaspora at the service of sustainable development
  2. Panel 2: Discussion on synergies between Diaspora and local authorities in Africa
  3. Panel 3: Greener financing, sustainable financing


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