Stakeholders Sessions

SDA 14 - Role of universities and researchers in promoting transition

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Laayoune


University Mohammed V

Tel: +212 537 77 27 32




This collective and inclusive reflection is part of a process in which the researcher-teacher and the local elected official are concerned by territorial intelligence to share their respective knowledge and know-how. Indeed, creating synergy between them is an urgent call to perceive the university and the research community with new eyes; the contributions of each other on the technical, scientific and cultural levels are valuable assets, even key elements in the quest for a more thoughtful territorial development and a more sustainable transition dynamic. In this context, it is therefore time to rethink the relations and partnerships between Territorial Communities and Universities, by putting scientific research, innovations and experiments at the service of territories and the dynamics of transition. The themes for reflection proposed in this Session consist in addressing the concern to create a concrete and active synergy between Territorial Communities and Universities in order to work together realistically, to facilitate collective life and to seek to manage, if not solve, problems of daily life by relying on the contribution of academics and researchers, in terms of identifying needs, reflection, studies, training, capacity building, research, innovation and the creation of employment areas that meet the needs of territories. It is therefore a question of presenting a plea to make the University, the temple of knowledge, a key actor for the development of territories and for the success of the transition dynamics towards sustainable development. This session aims to:
  1. Highlight opportunities for collaboration, cooperation, partnership and synergy between
  2. Territorial Communities and Universities in Africa;
  3. Present good practices through national and international benchmarking;
  4. Advocate for a new approach, or even a real Renewal in the CT-Universities Reports to place them in their true mission and commitment to local and territorial development;
  5. Initiate an African Network of Universities and Researchers to support the dynamics of local and territorial transition.




The Session will address 5 axes that illustrate the progress of the reflection:

  1. Introductory: framing the problem of relations between Territorial Communities and Universities;
  2. Relations between Territorial Communities and Universities: ways of renewal (case of the Region);
  3. Role of academics and researchers in reducing the knowledge gap in Africa;
  4. University, Entrepreneurship and Territory
  5. The place of Territorial Communities in the dynamics of development in Africa: between territorial governance and the development of specific resources.


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