Stakeholders Sessions

SDA 17 - Towards Disability-Sensitive Local Governance in Africa

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Béni Mellal


support for community development and health(ADESCO)

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The main objective of the Session is to advocate on the disability dimension at the local level, in the form of a Declaration containing the main lines of a roadmap on the integration of the disability dimension in African Local Governance, for an inclusive and sustainable transition. Forgetting them constitutes discrimination, an infringement of the human rights of people with disabilities, as recalled in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRDPH) adopted by the United Nations which entered into force on 3 May 2008. While local governance refers to the interactions between the different actors at the local level, it is also necessary to include groups that are victims of discrimination such as the PH. If local governance is to be effective, more inclusive, more humane and more efficient, it is time to take into account and integrate the disability dimension into local governance, as a means for Local Authorities to engage their responsibilities with regard to the CRPD and to ensure the ownership and sustainability of development actions at the local level. This requires a better understanding of the needs and expectations of HSPs in terms of infrastructure or inclusion in decision-making processes.   The session that fits among the session of the actors will be divided into sessions of presentations and debate. It will be an opportunity to make a strong advocacy towards African Local Governments and the other actors and stakeholders:
  1. To raise awareness of the reality of the disability dimension in Local Governance in Africa;
  2. To remind them of the commitments made with regard to the integration of this dimension, both at the African (Vision 2063) or global (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), SDG / SDG11 and 16, New Urban Agenda, Climate Agenda ...);
  3. To try to see where we are in Africa in the integration of the disability dimension at the local level, if there is a vision, public policies, strategies, action plans, affirmative action actions, assigned resources;
  4. To share successful experiences in some African cities;
  5. To identify the main lines of a roadmap (in the form of a declaration) for an African Local Governance Sensitive to Persons with Disabilities / or with reduced mobility.




The 3-hour session will be structured around 5 fundamental axes:

  1. Opening and introduction (10m), marked by the introductory word of the Chairman of the meeting,  follow-up of the framing elements of the session, provided by the main organizer of the Session.
  2. This introduction will be followed by presentations by local elected officials, NGOs involved in the field of disability, and resource persons on the issues, challenges and good practices in mainstreaming disability in local governance
  3. These communications will be followed by questions and discussions with the public

The Rapporteur of the session will make a summary and recommendations before the closing by the Chairman of the session.


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