Stakeholders Sessions

SDA 3 - The Role of Trade Union Organisations and Social Partners in the Transition Dynamics in Africa

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Erfoud


In countries that have created a favourable environment for freedom of association and developed a culture of social dialogue, the role of trade unions and social partners is no longer limited to defending the social, economic and professional rights and interests of their members or improving working conditions. Thus, trade unions and social partners are increasingly involved in the modernisation of the civil service, in the dynamics of sustainable development, in the fight against climate change, in the programming and monitoring of economic and social cohesion policies (as in Europe) or in the generation of added value through partnerships. This role will continue to grow as all Agendas related to sustainable development the international community is committed to the establishment of institutional, political, legal and financial mechanisms to establish, in accordance with national policies, inclusive platforms for the effective participation of all in decision-making, planning and monitoring mechanisms, as well as enhanced citizen participation.
  1. What about Africa?
  2. What is the place and role of trade unions and social partners in the dynamics of development and transition at local level?
  3. Are there any successful experiences that could be inspiring?
This session dedicated to Trade Unions and Social Partners will be the opportunity:
  1. To recall international and continental commitments on freedom of association;
  2. To present successful experiences in the field of culture and/or institutionalization of Social Dialogue;
  3. To present the place and role that trade union organisations and social partners can play in the dynamics of development and transition;
  4. To define the pillars of a favourable and enabling environment for a culture of social dialogue, particularly at local level.





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