Stakeholders Sessions

SDA 4 - Transitioning to sustainable cities: Grassroots women’s leadership and approaches in Africa

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Rabat


Huairou Commission

Tel: +1-718-388-8915




The session will feature grassroots women’s tools and approaches that enhance participation of local communities in setting development priorities and forging strategic partnerships with local authorities, civil society groups, academia, development partners, private sector, media  and national governments in building sustainable cities.

It will be a roundtable discussion that will foster interactive debate on the existing tools and approaches towards creating the city we need and an Africa we want to see by 2063. During this session, the grassroots women will demonstrate how these locally led tools and approaches have strengthened their linkages and collaboration with key stakeholders and led to more inclusive and gender responsive city governance.

The tools and approaches will include for example the local to local dialogues, watch dog groups, mapping and profiling, urban thinker’s campuses, Gender evaluation criteria etc. A demonstration will be made on how these tools and approaches have been used to overcome major urbanization challenges in land and housing, urban ecology, environment and resilience, Urban economy, Urban safety, and other sectors.




  1. Moderator gives introduction, frames debate, presents discussion questions
  2. Session president:  Gives opening prologue for the session
  3. Presenter 1: Gives an overview of the main policy and practice issues, challenges, gaps and opportunities for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in urbanization process.
  4. Speaker 2: Presentation of grassroots women’s strategies/approaches in promoting inclusive, Pro poor, gender responsive – Experiences and lessons learnt from Huairou commission
  5. Speaker 3 : Inclusive and gender responsive city  governance for a transformative and sustainable urbanization process   : Grassroots women’s tools and approaches. – Slum Dwellers International
  6. Moderator discusses opens up for questions and discussions from the floor
  7. Rapporteur lead the adoption of resolutions and recommendations


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