Stakeholders Sessions

SDA 5 - Urban Youth Councils And The Transition To Sustainable Cities And Territories In African Local Governments

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Fès


World Urban Youth Councils Network





Urbanization will be the defining trend over the next several decades. Today, 50% of the world’s 7 billion people live in cities, and, by 2050, this will rise to 70%. Cities are home to extreme deprivation and environmental degradation with one billion people living in slums. At the same time, roughly 75% of global economic activity is urban, and as the urban population grows, so will the urban share of global GDP and investments. Oftentimes decisions on cities affect youth on a daily basis and Youth Councils mainly play the role of bridging the understanding between local authorities and youth. Youth Councils play a critical role in providing an opportunity for youth to have a meaningful voice in their communities. The aim of this event is to bring city/municipal youth councils, the mayors and the city leaders in Africa together to discuss the potential role, responsibilities and contributions of the local youth organizations (city and municipal youth councils) to find the best strategies to improve the living conditions of the African young people and children with a particular consideration on the following groups:
  • Street children
  • Youth in the slums
  • Young women from disadvantaged communities
This event will be realized to reach the following goals:
  1. Establish an urban youth council’s network for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and the SDG 11 to contribute in the transition to Sustainable Cities and Territories in the African Local Governments
  2. Develop strong local youth partnerships in Africa and make urban youth organizations more institutional
  3. Increase the recognition of the role of the youth in the local governments
  4. Develop networks leading to the exchange of experiences between urban youth councils at the regional level while providing assistance to one another in the form of training and conferences
  5. Empower local/Municipal Youth councils to create collectively managed, socially included, democratically governed participatory cities




  1. Introduction (1 hour)
  2. Key issue on youth mobilization (services to provide to the migrant young people and street children, education opportunities for the migrant youth and street children, social inclusion of the street children, solve the problems regarding the street children) (1 :30)
  3. Recommandations (30 min)


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