Stakeholders Sessions

SDA 8 - Financial Institutions

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Majoral A


African Development Bank Group

Tel: +225 2026 3900




African urbanization will in the coming decades move the continent from being predominantly rural to predominantly urban. The magnitude of investment needs required to accommodate the additional urban dwellers will be equivalent to those needed to resolve the accumulated backlog. In this context, there will need to be a drastic shift in the mobilization of required financing for cities and local governments; and public policies will necessarily have to give more importance to both economic and social issues of urban areas, and of the widening opportunities urbanization offers.

Many economists place public investment at the heart of the growth process, as a factor in improving communications and trade, as well as reducing business production costs. They also highlight the positive relationship between public investment and the private sector, with the former improving conditions for the latter's activity. Infrastructure development at the local level is therefore, seen as a determining factor in the establishment of the private sector and its endogenous development. Improving the productivity of cities inevitably involves the rapid establishment of infrastructure and public facilities.

The aim of the session is to engage International Financing Institutions (IFIs) on what needs to be done differently regarding funding of urban infrastructure projects and improving local revenue generation. The key session outcomes are:
  1. To establish how IFIs can partner with cities in the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and how cities can position themselves effectively to be able to partner with or access resources from the financial institutions.
  2. To find solutions to the main challenges which affect cities/local governments in being able to access funding options available in capital markets and other sources
  3. To establish what capacities need to be strengthened in local government, cities, ministries of local government and the private sector to enable IFIs to better contribute to the work of local government in achieving the SDGs; and how cities and the financial institutions (including the Private Sector) can work together in finding innovative solutions for funding urban development.




The three hour session will be structured in 4 sessions :

  1. An introduction by the Chair of the session (5 min) to establish the context and the challenges and to present the IFIs.
  2. Six presentations will be made by the IFIs (90 min)
  3. An interactive session of approximately 80 minutes for participants to ask questions and for IFIs to respond.
  4. Recommendations on how the financial institutions including the private sector, can partner with cities to leverage more funding for local infrastructure and projects (10 min)


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