Stakeholders Sessions

SDA 9 - Professionals from Local and Central Administration

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Oujda


African Association for Public Administration and Management(AAPAM)

Tel: +254 20 2629650/ +254 712 366 787/ +254 773 552 076




There is now a strong correlation between Public Governance and Sustainable Development. Public Governance implies a fundamental reorganization of the exercise of powers and political, economic and administrative authority in the management of a country's affairs at all levels. As a participatory interaction between government and citizens, it relies on the existence of complex institutions, rules, mechanisms, tools, processes, relationships and interactions for listening, openness, commitment, inclusion, involvement, participation, articulation, interdependence, regulation and arbitration between a set of actors linked by a system of values, roles, responsibilities, rights, obligations and interests, necessarily leading to disputes and conflicts. In this way, governance is not simply a matter of government as an institution, but of all those involved in decision-making and influenced by these decisions. In a context characterized by Multi-Actors and Multi-Levels of Governance and by Subsidiarity, this Session will be an opportunity to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the main actors involved in the dynamics of sustainable development, the best practices of institutional arrangements put in place for the domestication and localization of the global agendas, the mechanisms adopted to ensure a better integration of public policies at national, regional and local levels, the best practices for the allocation of resources among the different actors involved in this dynamic.




The Session will focus on :

  1. Opening by the Chairperson of the Session and Introduction by the facilitator (10m).
  2. Presentations by the Speakers
  3. Discussions
  4. The Rapporteur will wrap up the work, before the closing by the Chairperson of the Session.


Parallel Sessions