Open Sessions

SOU 105 - Regional Economic Development

23 Nov

23 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Agadir


United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

Tel: +212(0)537 260 062




With the extreme youth of the African population (60% of the population is under 25), the cohorts of young people of working age are becoming more important. As a result, local and regional authorities are on the front lines of job creation and income generation. They need to innovate in local economic development to find local and regional solutions that can absorb these cohorts of jobseekers. They must promote their local and regional economies and ensure a better link between urban activities and rural activities. In a continent in transition from predominantly rural to predominantly urban, this articulation between urban and rural areas brings unsuspected opportunities for jobs and income. The so-called informal urban and rural activity is at the heart of the transition that we are now moving towards sustainable cities and territories. The session will focus on the different instruments developed by local and regional authorities to strengthen their role in job creation and income generation. Particular emphasis will be placed on the structural implications of these developed solutions, particularly with regard to the structural trajectory of the transition
  1. Present innovative experiences promoting the local and regional economy, particularly focusing on urban-rural interactions, agencies promoting local and regional economic development and the use of public spending as a stimulus for the economy local, to name but a few;
  2. Discuss the adaptability of these innovations as well as their impacts on the territories;
  3. Define how to systematically collect these innovations and their dissemination on the LEDNA website