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SOU 15 - City Laboratory on Safer Cities: Creating a space for documenting innovative practices, knowledge sharing, learning and facilitating urban safety solutions. (SDGs 5,11,16,17 and AU 2063)

21 Nov

21 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Loft (Hotel Pearl)


Africa Forum for Urban Safety (AFUS)





City Safety Labs present an opportunity for African cities to build a capacity, create and share knowledge, and exchange experiences which are vital for innovation. Similar projects are implemented in Cities of Queretaro (Mexico) and Cartagena (Colombia). The session will present how eThekwini Municipality’s Safer Cities Programme as a pilot case of Africa Forum for Urban Safety is creating a City Lab on Safer Cities.  The City Lab is a spaces for locally-led experimentation and innovation to prevent and reduce violence and crime, and to help build lasting relationships between people and authorities in urban settings. Further, the City Lab is to ensure that there is knowledge exchange, sharing of promising practices, policies, plans and models on crime prevention and strategies on implementing of New Urban Agenda and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through the eco-production of urban safety policies. With the implementation of the safety city lab, the following key objectives can be achieved:
  1. To consolidate and promote collaborative learning between cities and different stakeholders and partners;
  2. To promote exchange and collaboration mechanisms to enhance capacities of cities through ‘city lab’ as an institutional framework for institutionalizing the local authority-civil society partnerships at the policy and programmatic level ;
  3. To provide a comprehensive evaluation of the know-how building on the existing practices of the local government initiative and policies on urban safety;
  4. To assess the current gaps, trends and needs on implementing evidence-based interventions by strengthening knowledge base;
  5. To create the foundations for broad-based regional and national support for the replication of good practices and tools





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