Open Sessions

SOU 19 - Green and Sustainable African Cities: Cities of Future and well-being for Women and Girls

22 Nov

22 November

14:00 to 16:00

Venue: Taza


International Association of French Mayors (AIMF)

Tel: (+33) 01 44 88 22 88









REFELA by organizing with the AIMF, a session on''African Green, Sustainable and Future Cities for Women and Girls'' demonstrates the major interest in the issues related to climate change and the innovations needed for the development of African Green and Sustainable Cities and Local Authorities. For example, the REFELA Declaration adopted at COP 22 in Marrakech and, in concrete terms, the partnership established by its national chapter, REFELA Cameroon with the Réseau mondial des élus locaux francophones, AIMF, for the implementation of the FEDACAM programme (Women and Sustainable Energy in Cameroon; support for REFELA-Cam). This programme aims to provide women mayors with specific support in order to strengthen their legitimacy and improve the living conditions of the populations they administer. Africities 8 offers a unique opportunity to inform widely about the commitment of REFELA and its partners, and to increase mobilization around the implementation of large-scale actions, for green, sustainable and gender-sensitive cities and local communities. Based on the example of FEDACAM, the women mayors and local elected representatives of Africa gathered by REFELA, the women and men mayors and elected representatives of Africa and the world, gathered within the Global Network of French-speaking local elected representatives, AIMF, will open the debate on the implementation of local actions to rethink the proven consequences of climate change; the gender issue will be addressed according to a double axis: why support for women's leadership focused on a theme such that sustainable energy is justified? How are gender inequalities, climate change risks and vulnerability correlated? How is the issue of safety in the city, especially for women, an issue to be taken into account by local authorities? Through a broad debate, sharing concrete practices in African and global cities for a real transition to green, sustainable and future-oriented cities for women and girls is the objective of this workshop. Recommendations addressed to cities and local authorities, to be recorded in the form of a Declaration, will be drafted at the end of the exchanges.




  1. “The FEDACAM programme, an innovative approach at the global level and a local application – the case of the City of Bangangté”
  2. Women and Climate Change
  3. “African cities that are green, sustainable and have a future for women and girls: acting now for a better future”
  4. “The contribution of the commune of Fokoué to the emergence of green areas and sustainable futures for women and girls”
  5. “Ecological and solidarity transition: a lever for social and economic inclusion”
  6. “REFELA, a lever to promote gender mainstreaming in the climate policy of African cities and local and regional territories”.


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