Open Sessions

SOU 2 - Sustainable Food systems: an issue for African cities and territories

20 Nov

20 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Al Hoceima


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Tel: (+39) 06 57051




City of Dakar





Local governments are increasingly recognized as key players in the sustainability and resilience of local food systems, especially urban ones. This commitment of the local communities resulted in the launch in 2015 of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, during the Milan Expo, today signed by 173 cities worldwide. This role of local authorities was clearly recognized by the New Urban Agenda adopted in October 2016 in Quito at the UN-Habitat III Conference, which addresses food and nutrition security as one of the current and future challenges for cities, and highlights integrated territorial approaches and strengthening rural-urban links to address it.   In October 2017, in Valencia, FAO launched a platform on "urban food actions" which aims to become a place of systematization and dissemination of all information on urban food policies, enabling local authorities and their partners to find information and sources of inspiration for their future actions. This platform was developed in partnership with the major international networks of local governments working on food issues (UCLG, C40, ICLEI, ORU-Fogar and the Milan Pact). FAO recognizes the importance of partnerships to reach as many local communities as possible and stimulate the implementation of local innovations. It has developed a city-city partnership initiative within the framework of south-south and triangular cooperation, whose objective is the action learning and triggering by linking cities to each other (city to city initiative -CTCi). The workshop will be conducted in a coherent and participatory manner through presentation of good practice cases in correlation with territorial and sustainable food policies and systems. In addition, the City of Dakar with technical support from FAO will valorize the political position of municipalities on the food thematic.




  1. Arrival and registration of participants, introduction of the moderator, welcome remarks from UCLG Africa
  2. Welcome remarks from the Mayor of the City of Dakar
  3. Welcome remarks from the Mayor of Brazzaville
  4. Welcome remarks from the Governor of Nairobi
  5. Welcome remarks from the Mayor of Praia


  1.  FAO Urban Food Program – Territorial approaches to food systems, rural-urban linkages, cooperation between cities and the Milan Pact
  2. The city of Dakar and South-South cooperation activities, sustainable food systems, the link between the capital, peripheries and rural areas.
  3. Opportunities and challenges to connect small producers to urban markets
  4. Good practices from C40 cities
  5. Good practice of a region
  6. Guidelines for rural-urban linkages: national experiences


  1. Conclusions et recommendations of the workshop
  2. Connections, strategies, lessons learned and way forward  after this workshop


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