Open Sessions

SOU 21 - Women's leadership and gender-responsive local governance

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Marrakech







This open session is organized in the framework of a partnership between the Network of Locally Elected Women in Africa, REFELA, the Permanent Commission for Gender Equality of United Cities and Governments of Africa-UCLG Africa and its national chapter, REFELA-Morocco, The Direction de la Formation des Cadres Administratifs et Techniques of the DGCL of the Ministry of Interior of Morocco, the UN Women Multi-country Office for the Maghreb and this open session aims at the exchange, sharing of good practices and mutual learning between elected women members of REFELA and their guests, elected women and men.e.s from Africa and other continents around the development of women's leadership at the local level and its role as a means of ensuring women's political participation and the establishment of gender-sensitive local governance, enabling the transition to sustainable and inclusive cities and territories. It will involve investing in issues related to a transition to cities and territories accessible to all. The central challenge is to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDOs) by 2030, one of the principles of which is to "leave no one behind". Essentially, MDG 5 aims to''Achieve gender equality and empower women'', and is specifically linked to MDG 11, which recalls the imperative need to''ensure that cities and human settlements are open to''all'' and all, safe, resilient and sustainable''. Through the expertise of the speakers and the relevance of their communications, relating to the presentation of the network of elected women and its national chapters implemented across the continent of Africa, as levers to develop women's leadership in local politics and the sharing of good practices for gender integration in the governance and development of local authorities, this session is intended to be a prospecting, according to a gender approach, of lifestyles, relationships with the city, gender differentiations in the appropriation of urban space and identification of practices, for their teaching, as regards the right to the city and the right to equality in the city.




The Programme is organized around 2 opening words, 5 presentations and 1 discussion session:

  1. Communication 1: The stakes and challenges of women’s leadership development at the local level in Africa and the role of REFELA
  2. Communication 2: Women’s participation in territorial governance: Women’s leadership, equality and parity in local politics
  3. Communication 3: The challenges and prerequisites of gender-sensitive local governance
  4. Communication 4: The Senegalese experience in promoting gender-sensitive and inclusive local governance
  5. Communication 5: Gender Mechanisms and Gender Mainstreaming in the Governance of Local Authorities in Morocco
  6. Communication 6: Training and Capacity Building for Elected Women at the Local Level in Africa

Question and answer session, discussion and formulation of recommendations


Parallel Sessions