Open Sessions

SOU 37b - Youth Forum - Map Your Ideal Community

23 Nov

23 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Rabat



Tel: +254 20 7621234




Girls and boys use the Social Cartography tool to collect and assess information about their perceptions
of urban safety in public spaces. By building
their own maps of their community, girls and boys gain key insights into how they make use of their space, and which places they avoid. Youth will recognise that a safe space must
be both physically safe (infrastructure, street lights, etc.) as well
as emotionally safe (perception of safety, freedom from fear of violence, etc.). Next, youth are introduced to the 7 Principles of Girls’ Safety as a tool for assessing urban safety in public spaces, and what needs to be changed. Girls and boys identify places in their communities that they
like and where they feel safe, and youth work in groups to map what their communities would be
like if they were safe and inclusive. Girls and boys share recommendations for improving their cities and what they would like duty bearers to do.   UN-Habitat Safer Cities Programme has an existing collaboration with UCLG Africa on the Africa Forum for Urban Safety (AFUS) with the City of Durban as the focal city secretariat. In connection to this existing cooperation, UN-Habitat Safer Cities Programme in collaboration with its global partners -  Plan International and Women In Cities International are very interested in partnering with UCLG Africa (and by extension UNODC and UNESCO) to help organise interactive sessions during the Africities Youth Forum in Marrakesh in November 2018. The proposed topic of “building safer and secure cities for young people, especially young girls” is very aligned to our work and to our Global Safer Cities for Girls programme. The Youth Forum can provide a good opportunity to increase youth’s awareness and skills on advocacy and influencing and to also come up with key recommendations to share with government stakeholders.