Open Sessions

SOU 37c - Youth Forum - Champion of Change for Gender Equality and Girls’ Rights

23 Nov

23 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Fès



Tel: +254 20 7621234




The Joint Programme has developed a robust training curriculum programme for adolescent girls and boys on gender equality and girls’ rights called Champions of Change. One module is called Gender Transformative Advocacy, which focuses on building advocacy and activism capacities through
the development and implementation of a youth-led gender transformative
strategy for positive change. Topics include: gender transformative advocacy, collective action, what is policy and how can we influence it, and how to design and deliver an advocacy strategy. There are 18 activities in total. All activities are for adolescents and young people and the majority of activities are for mixed groups of girls and boys.   UN-Habitat Safer Cities Programme has an existing collaboration with UCLG Africa on the Africa Forum for Urban Safety (AFUS) with the City of Durban as the focal city secretariat. In connection to this existing cooperation, UN-Habitat Safer Cities Programme in collaboration with its global partners -  Plan International and Women In Cities International are very interested in partnering with UCLG Africa (and by extension UNODC and UNESCO) to help organise interactive sessions during the Africities Youth Forum in Marrakesh in November 2018. The proposed topic of “building safer and secure cities for young people, especially young girls” is very aligned to our work and to our Global Safer Cities for Girls programme. The Youth Forum can provide a good opportunity to increase youth’s awareness and skills on advocacy and influencing and to also come up with key recommendations to share with government stakeholders.