Open Sessions

SOU 4 - Local Governments and the Localization of the SDGs in Africa

22 Nov

22 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Laayoune


United Cities and Local Governments

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Development Partners Network on Decentralisation and Local Governance(DeLoG)

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The SDGs, adopted by the international community in 2015, and the African Union’s Agenda 2063 require a strong involvement of local and regional governments to achieve their objectives: poverty reduction, access to basic services, enhanced economic development, more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient cities and territories. Many local and regional governments in Africa are not yet fully aware (if at all) of these agendas and their role and potential. Their involvement, however, is essential for the “localization” of the SDGs, the Paris Agreement on Climate and the New Urban Agenda. Implementing these agendas could become an opportunity to mobilize more resources and capacities for local solutions and innovation. Presentation of different experiences from local and regional governments in Africa, and their national and regional organizations, in support of the localization of the SDGs. The debate will be introduced by a presentation of the preliminary findings of the Regional Report on the Localization of the SDGs, prepared in the framework of UCLG’s forthcoming Global Report on Local Democracy and Decentralization (GOLD V). The first part of the Session will be focused on the “enabling environment”, including administrative, financial and political decentralization processes, and the involvement of local and regional governments and their associations in national mechanisms of coordination and follow-up of the SDGs, as well as in the National Voluntary Reviews (20 African countries have already reported to the United Nations in 2016-2018 and 16 countries are going to report in 2019). The second part of the Session will be also an opportunity to share what has been done in training and capacity building about the localization of the SDGs, in partnership with UCLG Africa’s ALGA Academy, UCLG’s Learning department and global networks of local governments (AIMF, CLGF, ICLEI). This Session will be organized back-to-back with a dedicated “Leave no one behind by localizing the 2030 Agenda” Session (SOU 37), organized by DeLoG, that will focus more on local governments’ initiatives in support of the localization process; measures to avoid leaving the most vulnerable groups behind; and the improvement of monitoring and data disaggregation. Jointly, the two Sessions will spark a conversation and draw conclusions and lessons learned on potential actions and initiatives to mobilize local and regional governments in Africa; national and regional campaigns; peer to peer learning and decentralized cooperation, as well as support bottom-up monitoring and reporting initiatives.




Introduction : Jean Marie NGUELE, Chairperson, Mayor of Nguekemendouka Municipality, Cameroon


1st Panel: The mobilization of Africa’s Local and Regional governments  to contribute to SDG Localization

Speakers (12 minutes each)

  1. H.E. Dr. Wiber OTTICHILO, Governor of Vihiga County, Council of Governors of Kenya (GoK): the collaboration between the central government and the county governments to support the alignment of regional development plans with the SDGs.
  2. Ms Nomakhosazana METH, Mayor of Tambo District and member of the Executive Board of South African Local Government Association (SALGA): The South African experience for SDG localization and the preparation of the Voluntary National Review for the 2019 HLPF.
  3. Mr. Stanislas HOUNKANLIN, Rapporteur of the Thematic Committee on SDGs, National Association of Municipalities of Benin (ANCB): Benin’s strategy for SDG implementation and the role of local and regional governments
  4. Ms. Liza CIROLIA, African Centre for Cities (South Africa): Presentation of the preliminary findings of the UCLG study on Local governments and the Localization of the SDGs in Africa.


Debate (30 minutes)


2nd panel: Initiatives to strengthen local and regional governments’ capacity to support the Localization of the SDGs in Africa

Speakers (12 minutes each)

  1. Mr. Armand Pierre BEOUINDE, Mayor of Ouagadougou, President of the AMBF and member of the Bureau of the International Association of French-speaking Mayors (AIMF): studies on SDG localization to support advocacy process of local governments in West and Central Africa.
  2. Cllr Innocent UWIMANA, President of the Rwanda Association of Local Governments Authorities, Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF): pilot projects for the implementation of the SDGs.
  3. Ms. Nachi MAJOE, Sustainable Urban Management, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability: the experience of African cities in support of climate change adaptation and mitigation
  4. Ms. Najat ZARROUK, Director, African Academy of Local Governments (ALGA of UCLG Africa): stocktaking of the initiatives developed by UCLG Africa in support of the implementation of the global agendas at the local level.
  5. Mr. Lamine ABBAD; UCLG Learning Department: World-wide Learning strategy of UCLG on SDGs


Debate (30 minutes)


Conclusions and wrap-up (10 minutes)


Parallel Sessions