Open Sessions

SOU 40 - Planning our Future African Cities in wake of Climate Change

20 Nov

20 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: El Jadida


ICLEI Africa

Tel: +27212020381




There is growing consensus that improved planning in African cities will play an important role in dealing with the impacts of climate change and harnessing linked opportunities. For the past two decades ICLEI Africa has been working with African cities and towns, as they embark on their sustainability journeys, and plan better for an unprecedented future, altered by climate change. We are working with cities across sub-Saharan Africa to develop ‘whole of society’ solutions that are responsive to the human settlements of the present and of the future, and that harness technology and innovative ways to gather and communicate essential data and information. Some good practice initiatives that speakers will reflect on, include, how to:
  1. Support ambitious, contextually relevant solutions, captured in transparent strategic action plans;
  2. Bridge the gap between research, planning and practice, by creating innovative spaces for climate scientists and local government decision makers to co-produce climate change knowledge;
  3. Integrate nature-based solutions into land use planning for increased resilience;
  4. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build climate resilience via improved planning, innovative financing, and multi-scale governance; and
  5. Enable multi-sectoral collaboration mechanisms that increase climate resilience.
During this session, we will draw on the knowledge and experiences of participants, to chart a way forward for improved local government response to climate change. We will use the session to enable and promote the value of partnerships, building on existing capacities and harnessing diverse sets of skills and experiences, as a means to deal with climate change.





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