Open Sessions

SOU 47 - Urban Safety Governance towards Implementing the 2030 Agenda

22 Nov

22 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Taza


eThekwini Municipality





The programme aims to display the approach that eThekwini Municipality has adopted with regards to Urban Safety Governance towards implementing the 2030 Agenda. This is as the city is equally challenged with increasing urbanisation trends like most African cities and thus becomes faced with increasing demand for services especially in terms of provision in informal settlements. Coupled with that is the increasing levels of crime in various parts of the municipality’s jurisdiction and this has resulted in increased crime prevention interventions, however, for this to be tackled in a holistic manner, the Municipality has adopted the transversal approach on Urban Safety Governance. In this, multiple threats are dealt with in an effort to yield safer communities even in informal settlements. Initiatives such as the Informal Settlements Upgrading Programme have improved the state of these settlements making it liveable and visible thus reducing the occurrences of criminal activities in some areas. Also, another element to this has been the recently conducted audit of public spaces in terms of safety and accessibility, this has contributed to more evidence driven intervention rather than plans that have been existing and simply going through to implementation. This is the way in which the city views the approach, to consciously ensure that there is deliberate planning of programmes that will yield sustainable human settlements as per Sustainable Goal 11 and its related targets. As the theme for the AfriCities summit is the transition to sustainable cities and territories: the role of local and regional governments in Africa, this is how the role of eThekwini Municipality at its scale can be seen as making strides in the transition to a sustainable city. Furthermore, the Municipality is the secretariat for the African Forum on Urban Safety and thus maximises this opportunity by filtering through it, the projects that come by way of hosting this forum. These include the Safety Audit project that is currently being implemented and the envisaged City Safety Laboratory that is to be developed in eThekwini Municipality servicing the African Continent. To seal in all the benefits of these programmes, the Municipality has developed a Social Development Strategy that is seen as a tool that will ensure that the programmes developed are seen very clearly in the inclusiveness of the communities of eThekwini.




Introduction: The context of the session and panellists will be introduced by the Chair

Panel Inputs: The session will open with panellists presenting key issues, policy and programme interventions and reflect on elements that are transferable to other cases.

  • Case study: Metropolitan region
  • Case studies are complemented by expert inputs on:

Key policy considerations for managing an urban safety

Reflection on lessons from global practice and emerging regional innovation

Facilitated Discussion

Policy Recommendations


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