Open Sessions

SOU 49 - Mobilization to improve the access to social housing and to basic social services in the African Cities

23 Nov

23 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Dakhla



Tel: (+237) 242 899 818




The access of inhabitants of disadvantaged neighborhoods to social housing and basic social services requires the development and management of local African communities. Which development involves improving local governance. This can not be reduced to a simple inscription in the campaign promises speeches regarding citizen participation, transparency, accountability, or a juxtaposition of structures, programs and projects formally dedicated to local governance but without effects on the behavior of key players, nor a simple reference to administrative instructions and standards without real support from citizens, elected officials and professionals. Thus, national, regional and international workshops organized with the help of FPH, WBI, PASC (Cameroon), PRCG (DRC), SCAC (Cameroon), GIZ (Cameroon), PNDP ( Cameroon), MISEREOR, CORDAID, and support networks such as HIC, AIH, NOVox, etc. on governance, housing and access to basic social services took place between 1997 and 2018. From these encounters emerged platforms of exchange and advocacy for citizen participation in a number of countries that have since demonstrated the capacity of civil society organizations to connect and work together with decentralized local authorities, the private sector and governments, despite the considerable obstacles of weak political will, inadequate financial resources, technical and communication skills. The idea of ​​promoting citizen participation to improve access to housing and basic services is discussed and discussed with many people (residents, elected officials and professionals). It shows that the flame from previous meetings, far from vanishing as is often the case, is following his path. The workshops and preparatory meetings organized between January 2018 and November 2018 with the assistance of MISEREOR / PALS / ASSOAL on the issues of the participation of inhabitants in Africities 2018 in Marrakech gave the opportunity to evaluate the course and to re-specify the great challenges. "Africities 2018" will mark the transition to a second stage, particularly with the launching of the African Network of Inhabitant Organizations (RAOH), in partnership with all the allies, the African civil society elsewhere, the cities, the communes and governments of Africa, the PTFs.




  1. African context and issues of housing and social housing: Duration: 30 min
  2. General and operational strategies of the RAOH, 30 min
  3. Management tools and organization to set up: 30 min
  4. Launch and Lyrics to RAOH partners: 1H
  5. Drafting of the final recommendations: rapporteurs Duration: 20 Mn
  6. Presentation and validation of recommendations: rapporteurs Duration: 10 Mn