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SOU 50a - Cities and Territories members of UCLG Africa committed to the fight against Climate change

22 Nov

22 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Menara (Hotel Sofitel)


United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

Tel: +212(0)537 260 062




Cities and territories of Africa represent a significant share of the continent‘s GHG emissions (about 70 percent in Sub-Saharan Africa) and they host millions of people in areas that are sometimes very vulnerable to the effects of climate change. These realities reinforce the importance of the cities and territories of Africa in the implementation of the policies of fight against climate change. UCLG Africa intends to make of the 8th edition of the Africities Summit a strong political moment in the service of the achievement of a common goal of the cities and local governments in response to the major challenges of climate change and of the transition towards sustainable development.
This general objective aims specifically to strengthen the actions of the cities and territories in support of States for the implementation of their Nationally Determined Planned Contributions (NDPCs) or their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). This moment should lead to the adoption of a joint Declaration on the commitment to a broader partnership between national governments and local and regional governments in Africa for the implementation of the NDCs.
The Africities “Climate Day” sets five strategic and operational goals:
  1. Identifying best practices ;
  2. Setting the priorities and goals to be achieved by 2023, starting date of the binding period of the Paris Agreement ;
  3. Developing the 2030 Agenda for Action of the cities and territories of Africa for Climate ;
  4. Evaluating the technical and financial actions required ;
  5. Adopting the Declaration the Africities «Climate Day» to be presented at COP 24 in Poland in December.
  6. This Declaration aims to have UNFCC recognize the centrality of cities and territories of Africa in the resilience to climate change and the need for these cities and territories, to receive more attention and involvement in implementation of the NDCs, on the one hand, and to be represented in the international climate proceedings, on the other hand.




  1. Opening speeches
  2. Plenary 1. African cities and territories at the heart of the Climate Agenda Due to the urbanization of Africa and to the fact that %80 of the climate decisions are made within territories, local and regional governments are in favor of a greater involvement in the dynamic climate as an accelerator of the transition towards sustainable development .
  3. Plenary 2. : Territorializing the commitments of States in the fight against climate change The NDCs are the concrete commitments on the basis of which the signatory countries will now be assessed in relation to
    the implementation of the goals of the Paris Agreement. The involvement of all stakeholders, both at the national and at the international level, is an imperative for their realization. Therefore, sub-national authorities should play a leading role in this process. Through their inclusion in all dynamics and at all levels, they have the potential to make the implementation of the Paris Agreement not only effective but also more ambitious.


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