Open Sessions

SOU 52 - Peer Review – Learning for Transformation

22 Nov

22 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Kénitra


United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

Tel: +212(0)537 260 062




The UCLG Africa Pan African Peer Review Programme is a learning tool made available to local governments in Africa to support their capacity development and organisational improvement. The programme relies on international networking of local governments as a source of expertise that can be tapped to improve service delivery and the quality of local governance. The Peer Review Session presents the concept of PR focusing on sub-national governments. The UCLG Africa PR programme is premised on the belief that African sub-national governments can learn from each other and effectively inspire each other to attain higher levels of responsiveness to citizens needs and improvement of services delivery standards. The Session will explore present the experiences of practitioners that have participated in PR both as ‘Reviewers’ and ‘Reviewed’ and also for both contexts of sub-national governments and associations of sub-national governments.   The Session has the following primary objectives:
  1. To inform participants on the concept of the UCLG Africa Pan African Peer Review Programme with the aim to encourage sub-national governments to enroll on the ‘Register of PR Needs’ ;
  2. To exchange experiences on the practice of PR emanating from the UCLG Africa programme ;
  3. To demonstrate the feasibility of a symbiotic partnership between the UCLG Africa PR Programme and the African Union’s APRM
  4. To formulate recommendations on consolidation and improvement of the UCLG-Africa programme




The Concept and Background of UCLG-Africa Peer Review Programme

Charles PATSIKA – (Director MeDENCER) Peer Review Manager

Presentation of Experiences


  1. The Reviewers: What do we look for


  • The Political Peer

National Association

Innocent UWIMANA – President, Rwanda Local Government Association (RALGA)


ALI épse CHEIKH AHMED Amina – Mairesse de Bambao Ya Mboini Ikoni Union des Comores


  1. The Technical Peer

National Association

Charles CHUNGA – Secretary General, Malawi Local Government Association


  1. The Reviewed: What were our expectations and hopes, our concerns and what did we benefit?


  • National Association

Rev Mpho Morouakgomo – President, Botswana Association of Local Authorities (BALA)

  • Municipality

Emile Gros Raymond Nakombo – Mayor, City of Bangui – Central Africa Republic


  1. How we were assisted to establish our National Associations through Peer Support

PHAILA Mantai Augustina – Town Clerk, Maseru City Council / Interim Secretary General – Lesotho Association of Local Authorities (LALA)

  1. Organising Peer Reviews – Peer Review Manager Experiences


BYUKUSENGE, Jerome – Programme Officer, West Africa Regional Office

Discussion and Panel Questions


Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the topic and raise questions.

Participants will also be expected to posit recommendations on Peer Reviewing and Learning

The Future


Towards collaboration with the African Union Peer Review Mechanismm(APRM)

Dr Koffi Adorgloh: African Peer Review Mechanism


Session Recommendations: Discussion and Summary Presentation of Recommendations


Parallel Sessions