Open Sessions

SOU 53 - Innovative Experiences In Local Finance: Success Stories From Around Africa And Policy Imperatives

22 Nov

22 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Zagora



Tel: +254 20 7621234




United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

Tel: +212(0)537 260 062




Cities in Sub Saharan Africa have permanent constraints to finance infrastructure and basic services. New innovative approaches are desperately needed.  While some key determinants of local revenue are not in the hands of local governments, there is often unexploited potential for own-source revenue maximization and the leveraging of private sector investments. Success stories from around Africa reveal that innovative and tenacious governance can significantly enhance the ability to finance capital investments and improve service delivery more broadly. The session will discuss success stories from the African context on innovation around local finance. It will place significant weight on the value of technological, management and process innovation and cover topics such as taxation of the informal sector, voluntary tax compliance, tax collection reform and participatory budgeting. The discussion will analyse the replicability of the respective success stories and highlight the specific conditions necessary for these approaches to work in different contexts. It will embed these success stories from local government officials and practitioners in a broader discussion on necessary policy and paradigm shifts.
  • Identify innovative practices implemented by different African cities in improving municipal finances
  • Understand where innovation is most suited/necessary and what the key recent trends in improving municipal finances
  • Exchange on the needs and challenges encountered by African cities both at policy and technical levels




The session of three hours will be articulated in 05 steps.

  1. As a first step, 4 introductory interventions of 10 mn each will be made by UN-Habitat, Cities Alliance, UCLG, and National Treasory of South Africa
  2. Then in a second time  5 reactions to the presentations will be made by the 5 mayors, for 5 minutes each.
  3. Third, a 60-minute exchange will develop with all participants. At the end of these presentations, exchanges with the room will give participants the opportunity to ask questions and / or make contributions.
  4. In a fourth step, a response time of 35 minutes will be given to the mayors and the presenters to respond to the concerns of the participants.
  5. Finally, 20 minutes will be spent on amending and finalizing the recommendations.


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