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SOU 55 - Know Your City Campaign – Hands-On Data for City Planning

20 Nov

20 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Taza


United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

Tel: +212(0)537 260 062




Slum Dwellers International

Tel: +27 21 447 4016




The session will advocate for city planning policies that contribute to inclusive and resilient cities and territories through partnerships between organizations of the urban poor and their local governments that are rooted in the collection and use of community-driven slum data as the basis for city development strategies. The event will highlight the expansion of and share experiences from the Know Your City campaign – a joint initiative of SDI, UCLG Africa and Cities Alliance that focuses on the power of community-driven slum data to drive partnerships for collaborative planning and development. We will showcase how city wide slum profiling data is being used in cities across the Africa to track and demonstrate improved conditions in the lives of slum dwellers and present the Know Your City toolkit as a grassroots tool to monitor and implement the New Urban Agenda towards the successful achievement of the SDGs. In particular, we will highlight the potential of this toolkit to track and prevent evictions - demonstrating what is possible when slum dwellers have the necessary tools to proactively negotiate for eviction alternatives before evictions take place. Secondly, the Session launches the next phase of the Know Your City Campaign as a participatory city-slum dwellers engagement approach that builds partnership and harmony among all citizens of the city. The purpose is to galvanise support for the approach and champion its application by all African cities. The Session will include presentations on the concept of the Know Your City approach and experiences from cities across Africa that have used KYC data to prevent and seek alternatives to evictions in partnership with their local governments. Such alternatives range from settlement replanning and upgrading to land sharing agreements to negotiated, community-driven resettlement and relocation, and in each instance have been brought about by an inclusive planning process that provides a win-win solution and builds resilience in the city overall. These presentations will be followed by opportunity for a discussion on the concept and the pilot experiences on the Know Your City Campaign within the framework of the New Urban Agenda.   The Session will raise the question of the inevitability of rapid urban population growth in Africa and the imperative need for inclusive and participatory urban planning that leaves no one behind. The Session will:
  1. Share post Know Your City experiences and how they have impacted city urban planning;
  2. To demonstrate to policy makers the potential of data by the poor, for the poor, and about the poor in achieving inclusive, resilient urban development and upgrading at scale;
  3. To demonstrate the impact of community-collected slum data on the development of innovative, inclusive strategies to implement the New Urban Agenda – particularly as it relates to improvement in the lives of the urban poor and the tracking and prevention of evictions through negotiated alternatives; and
  4. To showcase the key role of collaborative planning partnerships between formal urban decision makers and organized communities of the urban poor in producing and utilizing community-collected data as the basis for successful eviction alternatives that improve quality of life for all.




  1. Presentation of the Know Your City Project and the Campaign


  • Charles K. PATSIKA – Director Membership, Networks Coordination and External Relations
  • Ariana K. MacPherson – Communications and Advocacy Officer, Slum Dwellers International
  1. Presentation of Experiences
  • Lusaka, Zambia – Post Know Your City Pilot Experiences, FUNGA, Bwalya Elisabeth
  • SDI Experiences in the Implementation of the KYC and on-line data platform, Ariana K. MacPherson – Communications and Advocacy Officer, Slum Dwellers International
  • State of Lusaka Slum Dwellers Today, LUNGU Joyce – Slum Dwellers International (SDI)
  • Liberia – Initiatives Addressing Slum Challenges: GLAYE II, George Yibah – Slum Dwellers International (SDI)
  • Kenya – Initiatives Addressing Slum Challenges, NJOKI WAIRIMU, Nancy – Slum Dwellers International (SDI)
  • Nigeria – Addressing the Slum Challenge in Lagos, SHOLEBO, Lateef – General Manager, Lagos State Urban Renewal Agency (LASURA
  1. Discussion and Panel Questions

Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the topic and raise questions.

Participants will also be expected to posit recommendations on Slum Challenge in African cities and how they could be addressed.

  1. The Future

Session Recommendations: Discussion and Summary Presentation of Recommendations


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