Open Sessions

SOU 6 - Cooperation between the African cities or creative industries and European capitals of culture

22 Nov

22 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Tan-Tan


European Union

Tel: 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11




Transnational cooperation and exchange are crucial on all levels of cultural development of a city or a local government. Exchange of know-how will prevent from having to reinvent the wheel and forces can be joined for capacity building of cultural operators and staff. International exchange can contribute to a broader vision of identity and tolerance, to the will to engage and to solidarity. Shared visions of cultural heritage and common past can only be discussed when involving all parties concerned. Cultural tourism and trade can be developed with partners from abroad, with the potential to overcome challenges such as too small domestic markets. Culture and the arts by their emotional and visual power have a special role to play in international relations which bears also a special responsibility with regard to instrumentalisation e. g. for closed concepts of identity building or populism. The following main experiences are presented in the workshop to launch the debates:
  • The European Commission and a member of the selection and monitoring panel of the European Capital of Culture present backgrounds, practical experience and lessons learnt with this cultural initiative of the European Union
  • Representatives from African cities show good practice examples for local cultural development related to social, economic, urban or cultural impact as well as ideas for developing cultural and creative industries exchange formats
  • Representatives of several European Capitals of Culture (implementing, future) provide deep insight in the concrete experiences they are making regarding different aspects of local cultural development as well as their international cooperation potential and ideas for further exchange with African Cities and Creative Industries.




Major cultural transformations in a digital and global world are under way which requires debate and exchange from different backgrounds and viewpoints. Especially on city level, cultural policies are challenged to contribute to concrete local questions. The European Capitals of Culture address the issues of social, economic, urban development and cultural impact by the means of artistic and creative action. International cultural exchange is a key factor for cultural development in African and European cities highlighted by the good practices examples in this session from both continents. For an enhanced cooperation in culture and the creative industries between Europe and Africa further efforts are needed and related implementation settings will be discussed in the workshop.


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