Open Sessions

SOU 60 - Territorial coaching: innovative African expertise for inclusive and sustainable territorial development

22 Nov

22 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Agadir


Coaching Territorial

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United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

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The main contribution of a Territorial Coaching process is to reveal the potential for convergence of the territory's living forces. This is often encrypted in the complexity of relationships that can lead to communication difficulties between actors and hinder mutual listening. Thanks to the implementation of a Territorial Coaching approach, the actors will be able to unlock their difficulties of listening, dialogue and collaboration. On these new foundations, they can then collectively build and share a common vision of the development of their territory. Once an environment has been created for the development of new attitudes conducive to the emergence of new behaviours between actors, the movement in favour of common projects can be initiated, thus triggering a circle towards the sustainable development of the territory. During the session, we will invite participants to reflect on the performance and efficiency of this process for local authorities and their partners in the territory. It will also examine how these approaches effectively generate changes in behaviour and innovation in territorial governance. We will discuss the theme of the profession of territorial coach and its involvement in the interventions of local authorities. Finally, it will be necessary to consider ways of extending this approach to local authorities that so wish, including the necessary support structures. The session will present in particular:
  1. Several case studies (Morocco and Senegal) in Territorial Communities including practical "ready to use" tools for elected officials
  2. A testimony from a certified Territorial Coach
  3. The operation of the Territorial Coaching Centres of the Oriental (Morocco) and Kaolack (Senegal)
  4. The organization of certification training within the ALGA Territorial Coaching College and the university contribution




Cross-cutting themes: Social and Solidarity Economy and Digital

  1. Based on the presentation of the results of their territorial coaching interventions, the 3 local authorities (Oriental, Kaolack and Dakar) will explain how these approaches have enabled them to create a structured and fruitful dialogue with their local partners, to acquire greater efficiency in their actions.
  2. Share 3 innovative “ready to use” tools for elected officials and stakeholders.
  • Eastern Region will present the work on Cooperatives and SSE
  • Kaolack will present in this context, its use of the territorial sociogram on the salt sector, as well as the application of the “coffee action project” in the context of the synergy workshops.
  • Dakar will present its appreciative approach to the management of the fishing dock at Hann Bel Air.
  • Oujda will present the work on the participatory approach
  1. Explain the role of Territorial Coaching Centres. The vision of the 2 centres and their contribution to the construction of local development policies.
  2. Present the certification training and testimonials of the first certified coaches in Africa via ALGA


Parallel Sessions