Open Sessions

SOU 74a - Urban planning and territorial development: challenges and opportunities for African cities

23 Nov

23 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Menara (Hotel Sofitel)


Fédération des Agences Urbaines du Maroc(MAJAL)

Tel: 212 - (0)537572162




Urban and territorial planning is at the heart of the New Urban Agenda. In the global context of a predominantly urban population, it is primarily in cities - particularly in the South - that the main challenges lie, in terms of urban strategies that are better articulated with national and local public policies, efficient decentralization, participatory local governance and bridging the urban divide. Opportunities inherent to the city:
  1. The city allows an increase in income, through access to different forms of employment - formal and informal - and promotes better living conditions;
  2. The city is the space where citizens exercise their rights and perform their duties;
  3. The planned and compact city provides access to basic services and promotes the preservation of agricultural and natural areas, for balanced regional development;
  4. The city is a factor of emancipation, especially for women and young people, who weave, through the different forms of networks (neighbourhood, community, associative), relationships of exchange and solidarity;
  5. The city is the space of citizenship, which reinforces the sense of belonging and ownership of the city in its various components.




9:30-10:15 am


Institutional film of the Federation of Urban Agencies – Majal



Official speeches

– Mr. Abdelahad Fassi Fehri – Minister of National Spatial Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy

– Mr Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi – UCLGA

– Mr. Mohamed Boudra – Mayor of El Hoceima, President of the Association of Presidents of Communal Councils, Morocco


10h30-10h45 : Coffee break


10:45-11:30 am

Panel 1    

The stakes and challenges of urban planning and territorial development in Africa


Moderator: Mr. Alioune Badiane – President, The Urban Think Tank Africa

Panelists : – Mr. Mohamed Larbi Belkaid – Mayor of Marrakech

– Mrs. Soham El Wardini – Mayor of Dakar, Senegal

– Mr. Taoufik Laaribi – Mayor of Sousse, Tunisia

– Mr Taoufiq Benali – Governor, Director General of the Urban Agency of Casablanca

– Mr. Najib Laraichi – Consultant, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Housing



11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Panel 2

Opportunities for urban planning and territorial development in Africa


Moderator: Mr. Hassan Radoine – Director of the School of Architecture, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

Panelists : – Mr. Abdellatif Ennahli – Secretary General of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning

– Mr. Karim Tajmouati – Director General of the ANCFCC

– Mr. Beurgré Robert Mambé – Mayor of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

– Mr. Mohammed Mbarki – Director General of the Oriental Development Agency

– Mr. Blaise Ahanhanzo-Glèlè – Mayor of Abomey, Benin

– Mr. Omar Hejira – Mayor of Oujda, Morocco

– Ms. Laura Petrella – UN-Habitat, Division of Urban Planning and Strategies


12h30-13h00 – Debate