Open Sessions

SOU 75 - United in diversity & adversity: Articulating Scales of Territories and Action

21 Nov

21 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Agadir


Association Marocaine des Présidents des Conseils Municipaux (AMPCC)

Tel: 05 37 20 59 03




Between them, with the central government, and with the other actors of the territory which they administer, the African Cities and Regions must not adopt the reflexes of concentring powers and means, knowledge and prerogatives; Otherwise, they take the risk of reinforcing the already increased tensions over the available resources, and their privatization, and, thereby, to dangerously deepen extreme separatisms.   (Re) inventing solidarity, (re) learning the value of cooperation and subsidiarity, engaging in the articulation and co-construction of local public policies, are therefore a major challenge to accelerate the transition to a more just and sustainable development, -and therefore more desirable-, of African societies.   National and / or local cross-cutting strategies (climate, sustainable development, urban agenda) or sectoral (agriculture, natural resources, inequalities, employment, education, mobility, etc.), sustainable territorial development planning instruments, institutional or engineering innovations, etc., all these elements will be explored by the participants in the session.   Questions to be explored after the presentations and together with the audience:  
  1. How to avoid competition between scales of territory (and administrations)?
  2. What are the triggers for change?
  3. With whom are alliances for change crucial?
  4. What formats of partnerships and collaboration can be developed?
  5. What guarantees can be put in place to ensure the continuity of these approaches / policies?
  6. What means are needed to put these arrangements in place? Where to find them? Which institutions are best suited?
  7. What recommendations for other African territories?
  This Session aims to:  
  1. Propose innovative examples of regulatory and partnership frameworks, optimizing relationships between different scales of territory and action, and the impact of local public policies;
  2. Promote contacts and exchanges between executives of central, local and regional governments in Africa, with a view to increase synergy of action;
  3. Enable participants to enrich one another
  4. Produce recommendations for the Summit’s conclusions





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