Open Sessions

SOU 82 - The blue gold in Africa

22 Nov

22 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Dakhla


Association Marocaine des Présidents des Conseils Municipaux (AMPCC)

Tel: 05 37 20 59 03




Direction Générale des Collectivités Locales, Maroc





The African continent has more than 5 000 billion cubic meters of water in its groundwater, but 320 million people still do not have access to sustainable drinking water. In anticipation of the violence of climate change impacts, in the face of increasingly frequent identitarian closure and security threats, in the face of inequal economic opportunities and access to resources, it is essential to re-examine practices and accelerate the transition to preserve our blue gold, give it back its value, and better exploit it and distribute its access. The challenges related to water in Africa are numerous: to ensure access to drinking water for all; develop food production without overexploiting water resources; use irrigation methods that are water and energy efficient, consume differently by sanitizing otherwise. They can only be met by mobilizing human, financial and technical resources to achieve the behavioral changes and investments needed to ensure future generations have access to the resource. In this session we will share experiences related to local water management and to a better efficiency and effectiveness in its use. The session will be organized through the introduction of new local programs and tools:
  1. A key note presenting the sanitation revolution and the capitalization of technical and financial knowledge around decentralized solutions for resilient sanitation (Institute of Ecotechnics, Wastewater Gardens International)
  2. New indicators for monitoring and performance management of drinking water services and liquid sanitation services through the presentation of the Rural Water Supply Drinking Water Supply Program (PAGER)
  3. New management contracts delegated with municipalities, a solution?
  4. Agricultural Development Experience (Tafilalet Irrigation and Climate Change Agriculture Program)
  5. The financing of water and sanitation infrastructure project preparation by the African Development Bank via its African Water Facility, African Urban Sanitation Investment Fund and new City Wide Inclusive Sanitation projects





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