Open Sessions

SOU 83 - A New Local Economy for Transitioning: Instruments of Local Economic Development, and Popular, Social and Solidarity Economy

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Dakhla


Association Marocaine des Présidents des Conseils Municipaux (AMPCC)

Tel: 05 37 20 59 03




At a time of questioning the efficiency and impact of local public action, the topic of local economic development (LED), and its partnerships, strategies and instruments, emerges as a primary focus of “action for change” in which African local governments must invest, to fully fulfil their role and ensure the sustainability of local development. Complementary to LED tools (such as Public Companies for Local Development, LED Agencies, development of and investment in incubators), a resilient, inclusive economic model emerges worldwide as a solution tailored to local needs: social and solidarity economy and finance. What are the ongoing practices and perspectives for local governments in Africa ?   The renewal of the social pact goes through the redefinition of the economic action of local governments. The objective of this session is to allow sharing on new arrangements around local economic development, through initiatives redefining the partnership between local governments, businesses, cooperatives and the population. These approaches allow a better sharing of wealth and fight against endemic poverty reinforced by the structural changes of a rapidly urbanizing Africa. The session will focus on the participation and intervention of African and international networks.   The objectives of the session are:
  1. Make an inventory of local economic development environment
  2. Promote the innovative instruments of local economic development
  3. Share best practices and related capacity building networks





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