Open Sessions

SOU 86 - Sustainable Development, Cultural Policies and Cities. Towards a long-term Learning and Policy Development programme on « Culture in Sustainable Cities »: in Africa

22 Nov

22 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Al Hoceima


United Cities and Local Governments

Tel: + 34 933 428 750




The UCLG Culture Committee is a global platform that promotes the relation between local cultural policies and sustainable development. The Committee is the global leader of “Culture in Sustainable Cities”, with a narrative based on human rights, good governance, people-centred development and the co-creation of the city. UCLG Africa is the most important African network of cities and local governments, and the UCLG section in Africa. UCLG Africa believes cultural policies are an essential component for the future of African cities. The association Culture  et Developpement  is an international NGO which works to foster the integration of cultural aspects in approaches to local sustainable development, with a particular focus on Africa. Building on their previous exchanges and collaboration, UCLG Africa, the UCLG Culture Committee, and Culture et Développement will deliver an open session devoted to explore the African approach to culture in local sustainable development. The initial point of the session is the acknowledgement that, in all world regions, there is an increasing wealth of experiences and knowledge on the importance of cultural policies for local sustainable development, including the intrinsic cultural aspects which are essential for well-being and the exercise of human rights, as well as the contribution that cultural participation and resources can make to social, economic and environmental sustainability.




Each one of the five initial speakers will develop a 10-minute initial speech with critical aspects for « culture in sustainable cities » in Africa. Later, the facilitator will ask questions and give the floor to the audience for comments and more questions.

Also, the new database “OBS”, which collects over 130 good practices from local and regional governments around the world, will be presented to the participants of the session. The good practice database has indexed the good practices on the basis of three key criteria

  1. the Sustainable Development Goals, thus facilitating an understanding of how culture can contribute to the achievement of each of the 17 SDGs;
  2. the 9 commitments included in UCLG’s Culture 21 Actions toolkit; and
  3. a range of 75 keywords providing a comprehensive approach to how cultural aspects are essential in sustainable development.


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