Open Sessions

SOU 9 - Africapolis - Data for urban policies in Africa

22 Nov

22 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Erfoud


Sahel and West Africa Club / OECD





Africa is projected to have the fastest urban growth rate in the world over the next few decades and there is a continuous need to better understand urbanisation – what it looks like today and what this means for the future. Africapolis is a unique platform which provides data on the current state of urbanisation in 50 African countries covering 7 500 agglomerations. It helps policy makers and urban planners understand current trends and project future dynamics contributing to a variety of policy domains including urban governance and planning, public service provision and access, infrastructure, food security and employment. This session will present the major urbanisation dynamics currently shaping Africa, followed by the launch of, a data platform on African cities. Based on an up-to-date analysis of 50 countries, the data provides the most complete picture available to-date on the size, evolution and built-up areas of 7 500 urban agglomerations with more than 10 000 inhabitants. The session will focus on the policy and planning implications of the analyses covered in the upcoming Africapolis report, highlighting the importance of political, administrative, historical and environmental factors in driving urbanisation dynamics. The discussion between local government officials, stakeholders and partners will identify how Africapolis can be used at different levels of government to improve urban policy. The session will also explore opportunities for further developing urban data and its use in Africa.




  1. Opening
  2. Introduction
  3. Presentation “Key features of urbanisation dynamics in Africa”
  4. Launch – Visualising Urbanisation in Africa
  5. Panel discussion-Urbanisation, intermediary cities and policies for Africa’s urban future
  6. Discussion with audience
  7. Recommendations


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