Open Sessions

SOU 91 - Transforming Local Governments for Sustainable Local and National Development

22 Nov

22 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Essaouira


Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

Tel: +233 302 932 573




In recent times the contribution of local governments has become instrumental in the development of every society.  Governance does not end at the doorstep of the central government but transcends even to the remotest part of the state. Decentralization; a process where powers are transferred to local authorities is a surest way of ensuring popular participation. Cities and Local Governments have become the centre of socio-economic transformation for sustainable development to be a reality and to have a positive effect in the lives of the population. Local governments are expected to be the engines of development and growth as they are the key players in the implementation of the development agendas. Almost all the development agendas have to be implemented at the local level for them to be attained. It is against this backdrop that we are seeing an emerging role of the local governments to meet the development agendas. This therefore calls on the local government to examine their structures and systems to ensure that they have all it takes to assume this new role. Policy and performance has proven to be the tools needed to ensure sustainable local and national development. Human resources is also key to policy implementation. The underlining factor is that local government ideally, are created to spearhead development at the local level especially in tandem with the policies of the central government. The use of the private sector to create jobs at the local level is also paramount in achieving economic progress. Objectives:
  1. To restructure local government to empower local initiatives
  2. Orient local governments in line with the global agendas
  3. Sensitize local government practitioners, politicians and academics to orient themselves to the challenging trends of policy and performance.
  4. To bridge the gap between policy and performance
  5. To provide expert advice for local government to effectively and efficiently utilize resources at their disposals.




The session will take the form of a panel discussion (one hour and a half) followed by group discussions where the delegates will discuss some of the enabling conditions to ensure that the local governments are able to meet up with their new role of implementing the development agendas.

Also there will be the presentation of good practices that can be documented and replicated in various countries.

Q&A – 30 minutes

Coffee break – 15 minutes

Discussion on recommendations  – 25 minutes

Conclusions and wrap-up – 20 minutes


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