Political Sessions

SPO 7 - Launch of the Forum of Regions

21 Nov

21 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Tanger


United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

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Decentralisation, now being widely accepted as an evidence, has become a priority for numerous African States. In order to implement it, they have carried out political and institutional reforms. One of them is the creation of a new type of Territorial Authorities: the Regions. The “Regional Option” covers several dimensions:
  1. The identity, linked to history, to language, to patrimony and to culture, sometimes very strong, sometimes in construction;
  2. The political and institutional dimension for a better articulation, integration, coherence and convergence of public policies;
  3. The economic and marketing dimension, aiming at creating competitiveness and attractiveness areas, as well as employment regions;
  4. The dimension of territorial development, through land use planning, building of infrastructure and basic equipment;
  5. The dimension of sustainable development;
  6. The dimension of partnership and cooperation between different actors and stakeholders: the State, other territorial collectivities and civil society components.
The current geo-political context of advanced decentralisation is characterised by multiple challenges, framed among others by the African Union Vision 2063 and by World Agendas (Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Agenda, …). The question is now: “What role can and should Regions endorse? How could federating in a network improve their positioning as a key-actor in the development and transition dynamics? In order to give answers to these questions, UCLG A, the Moroccan Association of Regions (ARM) and UCLG organise the 1st Forum of African Regions, during the 2018 Africities Summit. This session addresses Executives of African Regional Governments, but also Executives of Regional Governments from other continents. Besides meetings among Africans, they will also have the opportunity to exchange with counterparts who benefit from a much longer experience in this field. This Forum aims at laying the fundaments of partnership and cooperation:
  1. South-South between African Regions, in order to strengthen their solidarity links and work towards development and promotion of their Regions,
  2. North-South, in order to enrich with experiences from all over the world. Indeed, globalization requires all modern and ambitious institutions to work in networks.
This plenary session will consist of presentations followed by debates and caucuses, that will lead to the election of the Board of the Forum of African Regions. GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To institutionalise the Forum of African Regions as political body of UCLG Africa and elect its Board SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES
  1. To clarify place and role of Regions as a new decentralisation level of Africa
  2. To situate the place and role of Regions in the sustainable development and transition in Africa
  3. To favour contacts and exchanges between Executives of African Regional Governments, looking for synergies;
  4. To enable participants to mutually enrich themselves from peer experiences;
  5. To Promote Cooperation between African Regions, on one hand, and Regions from all over the world, on the other hand;




14h00-14h30: Welcoming of participants

14h30- 15h: Opening Statement
– Chairman of the Moroccan Association of Regions (ARM)
– Chairman of the session – President of the Oriental Region (Morocco)
– Representative from the Moroccan Ministry of Internal Affairs (DGCL)
– Representative from UCLG World
– UCLG Africa

15h – 15h45:
– Panel on « the regional dimension in the transition process towards sustainable territories »
Presidents of Regions : North Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa
15h45-16h : Pause

– Institutionalisation of the Forum of African Regions
– Election of the Board as political body of UCLG Africa

– Closing of the session
– Reading of the final declaration of the session, which reflects the commitments of Regions on the thematic of the Summit
– Group picture


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