Sessions on the Transition

STA 5 - Cultural & Communicational Transition

20 Nov

20 November

14:30 to 17:30

Venue: Fès


United Cities and Local Governments

Tel: + 34 933 428 750




The cultural and communicational transition corresponds to a questioning of the certainties on the basis of which the interpretation of the world and the harmony of societies are founded. It is reflected in the evolution of the system of ideas and philosophical, social, moral and religious thoughts that influences, through its representations, individual and collective behaviour. The Africa we want (African Union Vision 2063) considers that "The common culture, heritage, identity and destiny will be at the centre of our strategies to enable a pan-African approach and the African Renaissance". At the local level, local and regional governments have important roles and competences in cultural matters. Nevertheless, these entities have not yet made a real cultural and communicational transition that would enable Culture and Heritage to be among the pillars of the transition to sustainable territories and cities. The objectives of the session will be to:
  • To situate the stakes and challenges of the cultural/communication transition at the level of African cities
  • Learn from the Peers how to make this transition work
  • Promote existing good practices in African cities.
This cultural and communicational transition can foster the engagement of young urban Africans in the transition to sustainable cities and territories in Africa.





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