Local Strategies and Policies Sessions

STS 11 - Local Strategies for access to Waste Management Services to all

21 Nov

21 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Oujda


Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)

Tel: (+33) 1 44 37 14 73

Email: secretariat@ccacoalition.org

Web: http://ccacoalition.org/en


International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

Tel: +43 1 253 6001

Email: iswa@iswa.org

Web: https://www.iswa.org/


During the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) High-level Assembly (HLA) meeting at COP 23 and through the Bonn Communiqué, the Coalition Partners resolved to develop policies and measures that encourage national, state, and local governments to work together with the private sector to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), including methane and black carbon, from municipal solid waste and create healthy cities and communities. This enterprise will involve preventing and reducing food loss and waste, including by setting up integrated solid waste management systems oriented towards resource and energy recovery; diverting organic waste from landfills; adopting measures to capture and use methane from landfills; and reducing the open burning of waste, while working towards achieving universal waste collection by 2025. Through this session, the CCAC MSW Initiative intends to provide cities and countries in Africa best practices to shape policies, plans and programs on diversion of organic waste from landfills, collection and use of landfill gas and prevention of open burning of waste. The objectives of the session are:
  1. Briefly introduce the CCAC and the Waste Initiative
  2. Provide best practice examples to address the main topics of the HLA commitments and present successful case studies of countries and cities.
  3. Identify and collect the main SWM challenges affecting African cities.
  4. Make available the resources of the MSW Initiative to help African cities and countries improve their waste management.
  5. Recruit African cities to join the MSW Initiative network.




The expert panel will start with a brief presentation on the CCAC, its MSW Initiative and how better waste management can help counter climate change and improve air quality. Other panel presentations will focus on diverting waste from landfills, particularly organic waste, preventing open burning of waste and enhancing the recovery of landfill gas for its utilization. These presentations will include case studies highlighting experiences on these topics.

The discussion panel will include four panellists including mayors of African cities and stakeholders that work in different cities in Africa.

The last part of the session will consist of a questions and answers session with the panellists, and the presentation of the draft resolutions.


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