Local Strategies and Policies Sessions

STS 12 - Local Strategies for access to Mobility and Transport for all

21 Nov

21 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Marrakech


Africa Transport and Policy program (SSATP)

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Email: ssatp@worldbank.org

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The challenges emanate from rapid urbanization, resulting from rural-urban migration and an increasing population, which stands at annual growth rates for cities in Africa at 4.5%. Furthermore, it is projected that over the next twenty years there will be an additional 300 million urban residents in Africa, and by 2050, it’s projected that 60% of Africans will live in cities. Urban areas also face poor land use planning, inefficient basic services delivery, due to inadequate infrastructure provision, inadequate transport means and services, unregulated traffic growth and mix leading to increasing congestion and pollution. Moreover, many policy and decision makers do not realize that urban transport management is not only different from intercity transport, but also is more complex and challenging. This lack of understanding, coupled with inadequate technical, institutional and financial capacities constitute barriers to responding to needs of urban transport and mobility management and the associated challenges.   This session focuses on policies and strategies that lead to structural improvements of urban mobility. This session will showcase key factors for successes in a context of fast-developing cities and metropolitan regions, with a strong emphasis on the inter-relation of urban development, mobility, accessibility, and governance frameworks. The session is comprised of speakers from international organizations, academia and development agencies. They will share guiding principles and hands-on experience in policy development and governance reform, approaches adopted in developing comprehensive strategies for a complex multidimensional urban transport system, integration of urban development and transport planning, and the successes and challenges of establishing a comprehensive urban development and accessibility agenda.




  1. Keynote speech
  2. The New Urban Agenda and Urban Mobility in Africa
  3. Organizing Authorities: the way to successful urban planning and efficient mobility
  4. Safe & Green Urban Mobility & Logistics for African Cities
  5. Interactive Discussion
  6. End


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