Local Strategies and Policies Sessions

STS 2 - Promoting transition through local strategies for institutional and human resources strengthening

21 Nov

21 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Fès


United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

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Email: info@uclga.org

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There is no need to review the reports and studies that have highlighted the weaknesses of Local Public Administration in Africa and the level of citizens' dissatisfaction with public services and their delivery. Local Authorities have not yet succeeded in making their territories attractive for investments, companies and tourists. The territorial space in Africa is not yet sufficiently attractive for talented and highly skilled people. The issues related to Local Public Administration and HRM at the local level have several dimensions. However, the entrenchment and sustainability of Decentralization depends on its institutional adequacy, viability, the capacity of decentralized units, the competence of local elected officials, and the professionalism of human resources. UCLG Africa has identified institution building and investment in human capital, capacity development and intellectual exchange as among its priorities. It also has a Roadmap on the reform and modernisation of HRM at local level, adopted following the Salé Forum (2017), which will have to be shared during the Summit and the modalities and means of its implementation and support identified. The Session will provide an opportunity to focus on the following main dimensions: An information and awareness dimension on the issues and challenges for institutional and HR strengthening at the local level; An advocacy dimension with all actors and stakeholders to ensure that Local Public Administration becomes the issue and priority in the promotion and anchoring of Decentralization, Local Governance and Local Development; A benchmark dimension: what should be the main principles and axes of a sustainable local strategy for institutional and HR strengthening in Africa? A commitment dimension: Identify the means and modalities necessary for the implementation of these strategies.




The 3-hour session will be structured around 3 fundamental axes:

Opening and introduction (10m), marked by the introductory remarks of the Chairman of the session, Mr Mohand LAENSER, President of the WARC, Morocco, followed by the framing elements of the session, provided by the main organiser Dr Najat Zarrouk, Director of ALGA, UCLG Africa
This introduction will be followed by presentations of the different actors involved in Institutional and HR Strengthening at the local level.
These communications will be followed by questions and discussions with the public
The rapporteur of the session will make a summary and recommendations before the closing by the Chairman of the session.


Parallel Sessions