Local Strategies and Policies Sessions

STS 4 - Local Environmental Strategies towards transition

21 Nov

21 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Meknès


Institut de la Francophonie pour le développement durable (IFDD)

Tel: + (1) 418 692 5727

Email: ifdd@francophonie.org

Web: http://www.ifdd.francophonie.org/ifdd/english.php


The environmental issue impacts and reveals the evolution and capacity of the city's actors to create spaces for the management of the common good, particularly at the local level. The environmental transition at the local level is not only a linear process of widening these spaces, but more a dynamic process that makes local development even more complex and fragments the spaces for building the common good. Strategies for the environment and its management differ from one area to another, from one region to another depending on the context. The session will focus on feedback on good practice in environmental management and transition, on the one hand, and on the presentation of tools and new concepts for supporting and accompanying cities, on the other. The major issues addressed revolve around the following points:
  1. Ask municipalities about sustainable design methods;
  2. Provide local actors with tools for the production of spaces with low energy and resource consumption;
  3. Share feedback on the initiatives of the Bana commune, the city of Dakar and the IFDD;
  4. Share the environmental strategies implemented by the city of Dakar;
  5. Show that African cities can use territorial climate plans for the sustainable development of their territory;
  6. Present the strategy for mobilizing stakeholders for the co-construction of the Territorial Climate-Energy Plan (PCET) of the city of Dakar.




  • Introduction to the challenges of local environmental strategies towards transition
  • Presentation of the IFDD/UN-Habitat communication: Tools for sustainable neighbourhood development
  • Presentation of the communication from the commune of Bana: REDD+ project
  • Presentation of the communication of the city of Dakar: the environmental strategy of the city of Dakar
  • Debates and exchanges with the audience
  • Adoption of resolutions and recommendations


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