Local Strategies and Policies Sessions

STS 8 - Local Strategies for Sustainable Food and Agriculture

21 Nov

21 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Laayoune


Régions de France

Tel: +33 01 45 55 82 48

Email: info@regions-france.org

Web: http://regions-france.org


Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires Etrangères





For the first time in the history of Humankind, the organization of the dominant production and consumption system came into conflict with the planetary ecosystem. That realization has the effect of more and more calling into question certainties about growth, productivism, extractivism and the dominant development model. It opens a debate around two options : Extending the current productivist models by correcting them by adopting green industries and producing environmental technologies ; or moving to completely different models and forms of growth and development, where the logic of living well and respecting the environment takes precedence over that of unlimited growth and competition. Placing the food system at the forefront of local, inclusive (social performance), sustainable (environmental performance) and diverse (cultural performance) development means promoting a real “agri-food transition”, rendered necessary due to an excessive number of negative external factors in a food system that is now far too globalised. The complementarity of urban and rural could work if metropolis/cities consider that de agricultural land (creating employments, economical development with small enterprises, as well as environmental and social positive externalities ) constitutes the main element in their food policies, and therefore , the main element of the quality of life of their population. Urban food system shouldn’t be base on an” artificialisation” of food production but should be based on rural areas, on biodiversity, on the development of a social economy, circular economy and short circuits. To succeed that, alliances should be formalised with a precise road map, alliances between cities and regions (urban-rural areas) and between local-regional governments and farmer organisations. That is the reason why Régions de France, within UCLG régions, call for strong advocacy and greater involvement of local and regional gouvernement in the negotiation processes that determine international regulations. Food systems should be prioritised in regional an local development. The objectives of the session are:
  1. Launch an alliance between cities and regions within UCLG for the localization of food policies, plan a roadmap for 2019,
  2. Launch an alliance between farmers' organizations and networks of local authorities,
  3. Provide concrete tools for locating food policies such as collective catering and all public procurement, and strengthen local and regional government advocacy on the subject for sustainable local economic development.




The session will begin with concrete experiences of cities and regions, to share, in 5 minutes for each presentator.

The Roppa will present his new strategy, involving local governements, we will listen to the SG of the Roppa and their technical adviser.
Olivier de Shutter will make his proposals, and present his policies.

Then, the facilitator will ask each participant which are the obstacles they have to fight with and their ideas to cop with it.

Pacte de Milan – FAO : they could communicate from the floor

Debate with the public


Parallel Sessions