Local Strategies and Policies Sessions

STS 9 - Local Strategies for access to Water and Sanitation to all

21 Nov

21 November

9:30 to 12:30

Venue: Zagora


ICLEI Africa

Tel: +27212020381

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Water is, and will continue to be, the defining resource in our urban future. Water is pivotal to our development and is the lifeblood that sustains our cities and regions. Africa is one of the regions’ most in need of innovative solutions for tackling water and climate change-related challenges; yet many parts of Africa are also suffering from the lack of water-related skills and capacity as well as wide-spread institutional fragmentation. There is a growing realisation that the impacts of climate change in Africa will be experienced through floods, droughts and extreme weather events, with very direct and potentially severe socio-economic impacts. Coupled with this urbanisation, increasing populations, and the corresponding rise in demand for services and infrastructure place increasing demand for water on our cities. How we respond at the local, national and regional level and the strategies we develop for future access to water and sanitation will our development paths. With nearly half the infrastructure required to supply the needs of Africa’s cities by 2035 yet to be built we have a window of opportunity to enhance local resilience and reimagine water in our cities of the future. Critical to increasing preparedness and designing effective local strategies for access to water and sanitation is bridging the science-policy interface and ensuring research and innovation is effectively mainstreamed into our future planning. Showcasing real city challenges and opportunities from Africa and bringing together regional research and innovation networks such as the Africa Water and Sanitation Local Authorities (AWASLA) Network and AfriAlliance the session aims to identify critical entry points research and innovation could actively contribute to addressing these challenges.   The session aims to promote the value of enhanced partnerships, collaboration and sharing of lessons learnt in the water and sanitation sector to develop strong local strategies to enhance access and actively contribute to building local resilience
  1. Bridge the gap between research, innovation and planning for water and sanitation in the context of climate change
  2. Fostering multi-sectoral approach and partnerships to support planning and policy in the sector
  3. Promoting integrated planning for water and sanitation in the context of complex urban environments and the projected impacts of climate change
  4. Harnessing research and innovation to address local challenges and opportunities in the sector
  5. Highlighting critical challenges for urban water and sanitation in African cities and identify critical entry points research and innovation could actively contribute to addressing these challenges





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