Africities 3, in Yaoundé, in December 2003, has chosen as theme “Speeding up access to basic services within African local governments”. This summit marked the unification of the African local authorities movement, with the effective setting up of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa, UCLG-A, that replaced CCRA, and the definition of its participation in the world local authorities movement. It placed decentralization and strengthening of local governments in the perspective of improvement of the living conditions of the people, and participation of citizens.



The Africities Summit 2003, on the theme of “Ensuring Access To Basic Services In African Local Councils”, is a unique occasion to take stock of the progress achieved over the last few years by cities in Africa on urban safety and crime prevention. Crime, violence and insecurity present major challenges for the social and economic development of cities around the world. Urban safety is a central quality of life issue and a component of good governance. For persons living in our cities, it is a daily need, something now generally regarded as a basic service which local authorities must be able to provide.


On the occasion of the Africities Summit 2003, a series of sessions were held on the subject of local governance. On 3 December, a cross cutting session was held on Local Governance of Basic Services. This session focused on effective decentralization and transparent relations between key urban actors. Speakers from across the continent shared their experiences and lessons learned regarding these two important areas of governance.


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