Competition Rules


The CREATIVE LAB winners will be nominated in a two-step process for each of the Cartoon Camp Challenge or Virtual Reality Contest categories: § 1st stage: the Jury set up by the organizers will carry out an initial examination to verify that the projects meet expectations: conformity of the project to the theme of the Summit; compliance with the rules laid down for the presentation of projects in each category; quality of the project. § 2nd stage: the projects selected by the Jury will be posted on the voting platform established to allow delegates attending the Summit to proceed with the designation of the winners in each category. Delegates will access the platform set up for voting through their laptop or smartphone. They can only vote once and for one candidate for each category. Voting is not valid if the delegate has not provided the number assigned to him when registering for the Summit and which appears on his badge. Votes mentioning a registration number that appears more than twice in the voting platform are counted as zero. A bailiff from the Marrakech Court of Justice will attend the Jury to ensure strict compliance with the rules enacted above. The result of the vote of the delegates is published no later than 24 November 2018 at 15:00 GMT and officially communicated to the winners. They must be present at the closing gala dinner of the Summit during which the awards ceremony will be held.


The Jury is composed of experts from the field of architecture, urban planning, design, creative industries and information technology from the professional or academic backgrounds. The members of the Jury are appointed by the organizers on the basis of their technical competence, field experience, and reputation.

  • Jury meetings are chaired by the President of the AFRICITÉS Political Committee or his representative.
  • The secretarial role of the Jury sessions is the responsibility of BEES 55.

The secretary produces the minutes of the Jury meetings. The minutes reflect the deliberations of the members of the Jury and end with a statement of the decisions taken on the various points discussed. Decisions are made, as much as possible, by consensus. If it cannot reasonably be reached, the President shall proceed to the vote by a simple majority of the members present. In case of a tie, the President has the casting vote. The minutes must be signed by all members of the Jury for approval. Jury members can sign the minutes with reservations, which must be explicitly mentioned in the minutes. The minutes of the Jury sessions on the publication of the results of the various competitions must be approved unanimously, the President having to endeavour to remove any reservations beforehand. The proclamation of the results of the various competitions is made by the President of the Jury.


The Organizers guarantee the integrity of the CREATIVE LAB and offer the 20 Candidates: 1. Information and knowledge from local authorities, financial institutions, civil society groups and development partners at the continental and international levels; 2. Meetings with professionals, experts, development actors for Africa; 3. Platform to meet with medias, incubators, Start-ups & accelerators; 4. Support for transportation and accommodation costs throughout the CREATIVE LAB.

The responsibility of the Organizers cannot be held liable for the occurrence of events presenting the force majeure depriving all or part of the Candidates of the opportunity to participate or the winners of the benefit of their winnings.

The Organizers may cancel all or part of the program if it appears that fraud or malfunctions have occurred in any form whatsoever; especially through the use of robots.

The Organizers reserve the right, in any case and even in case of doubt, to disqualify fraudsters and / or to bring the perpetrators of these frauds before the competent courts. The responsibility of the Organizers cannot be engaged under the foregoing and Applicants cannot claim any compensation or compensation of any kind whatsoever.

The Organizers are not responsible for contributions not received as a result of loss, failure, delay or interruption of connections or poor connections, or due to any other electronic malfunction.

By express agreement between the Candidate and the Organizers, the systems and computer files of the Organizers will be the only Faith.

The computerized registers kept in the Organizers’ computer systems, under reasonable conditions of security and reliability, are considered as proof of the relations and communications between the Organizers and the Candidate.

It is hereby agreed that, except in the absence of manifest error, the Organizers may rely, in particular for the purposes of proving any act, fact or omission, on programs, data, files, recordings, transactions and other items (such as follow-up reports). or other statements) of a kind or in a computer or electronic format or medium, prepared, received or stored directly or indirectly by the Organizers, in particular in its computer systems.

The elements considered thus constitute evidence and if they are produced as evidence by the Organizers in any contentious or other proceedings, they will be admissible, valid and opposable between the parties in the same way, under the same conditions and with the same conclusive force that any document that would be prepared, received or kept in writing.


Candidates at CREATIVE LAB commit themselves to:

  1. Respond to any request for information from the Organizers and the Jury;
  2. Do not use any element likely to infringe the property rights of a third party;
  3. Participate in promotional activities at the request of the Organizers;
  4. Mention in any communication about the project that they are participants in CREATIVE LAB;
  5. Respect the places and materials made available to them under the CREATIVE LAB;
  6. Respect professional secrecy and the duty of reserve;
  7. Respect the schedules and program of the CREATIVE LAB;

The breach by the Applicant of his obligations may result in the exclusion of the program without notice.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation, all Applicants have the right to access, rectify and delete and oppose this data upon written request addressed to, with the subject “Exercise of the right of rectification, modification or deletion of data”.

The attitude of the members of the Jury is to demonstrate:

  • Neutrality: the Jury is not a recruitment body. It must be disregarded of any personal and professional interest. A member does not participate in the evaluation or the deliberations of the Jury if he personally knows a Candidate;
  • Objectivity of the evaluation: after thoroughly analysing the candidate’s entire file, the Jury evaluates his professional skills in the context of the audition, regardless of the status and particularities of the person. Its evaluation is based on the candidate’s performance against the above-mentioned observation criteria. It takes a step back from its own work procedures and perception of the job;
  • Respect of the confidentiality: it respects, without limitation of duration, the confidentiality of the information of any nature, provided by the Candidate and in particular the personal and professional data. It also undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of the deliberations;
  • Equal treatment: throughout the evaluation process, it ensures that no element of a discriminatory nature disturbs the assessment of the file; it ensures that the assessment is based on the experience of the Candidate as a whole and adopts a neutral and benevolent attitude;
  • Solidarity and sovereignty of the Jury’s decision: each Jury member guarantees compliance with the Regulatory Framework, guarantees the serenity and the good progress of the debates to arrive at a proposition as consensual as possible concerning the final decision of the Jury. The jurors express their opinion fairly.

The members of the Jury will devote: a working day between September 17, 2018 and November 24 (1/2 for the examination of the files and 1/2 deliberation). Any Jury Member acknowledges having read these Rules and accepting the provisions thereof. Thus, the violation by the Jury member of his obligations may result in the exclusion from the program without notice.


The members of the Jurys role include:

  1. To evaluate candidates’ projects and validate their skills and their ability to achieve them;
  2. To deliberate and decide, sovereignly, on the allocation of places to the CREATIVE LAB;
  3. To return the results to the Candidate and complete the individual results sheet;
  4. To draw up the minutes of the session, allowing the Organizers to return the results to the Candidates and complete the individual results sheet.


Reproduction, representation or exploitation of all or part of the components of the CREATIVE LAB program, these rules included, are strictly prohibited.

All trademarks, logos, texts, images, videos and other distinctive signs reproduced on the website as well as on websites to which it allows access via hypertext links, are the exclusive property of their owners and are protected as such by the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property for the entire world. Any unauthorized reproduction, total or partial, of these marks, logos and signs constitutes an infringement punishable by penal sanctions.


These rules are governed by the Law. the Parties will endeavour to resolve amicably any dispute arising out of the interpretation or execution of these rules within one month. If the disagreement persists, it will be submitted to the competent courts in Morocco.


All Candidates and Jurors acknowledge having read these Rules and accept all the provisions.